Filming Credits

Here are just some of the Film & TV productions our vehicles have been used in. Put you mouse on the moving text to stop it - Click on the bold links to view more about a show or click HERE to download a PDF version of the credit list.

CURFEW – Series – SKY One
Street race drama series where challengers risk all as they race through the night from London to northern Scotland, procuded by TigerAspect Drama & Moonage Pictures

ACKLEY BRIDGE - Series 1+2 – Channel 4
Originally filmed under the title The ABC but renamed Ackley Bridge before hitting the screens. Drama series set in a newly-created multicultural Academy in West Yorkshire, produced by Forge Entertainment (Productions)

NO OFFENCE – Series 1 - 3 – Channel4
6-part vibrant, rich and warm cop comedy, but the title gathers irony like a snowball as the show rolls on, produced by AbbottVision

WANDERLUST - Series - BBC One + Netflix
6-part family drama series that looks at how we build and maintain happy relationships and asks whether lifelong monogamy is possible. Co-produced by Drama Republic & Wander TV Ltd for both the BBC & Netflix. BBC have UK broadcasting rights & Netflix have rights fo rest of the world.

SAFE – Series – Netflix
8-part drama series from bestselling writer Harlan Coben, produced by Red Poduction Company for streaming globally on Netflix outside of France. StudioCanal have the French distribution rights

About a boy with a dream who lives & breathes football. Produced by Short Form Film Company

4-part Comedy series about an Asian living in Small Heath, Birmingahm in the 21st Century. A joint Cave Bear/Tiger Aspect production, directed by Ollie Parsons

Drama about a failing family-run beauty salon based in Manchester, exploring a fascination with staying young, a fear of ageing, instant gratification and long-term relationships. Directed by Paul Walker & produced by Mainstreet Pictures

Directed by Robert Scott Wildes and produced by Little Island Productions

Co-produced by Cave Bear Productions and Tiger Aspect productions and directed by Dan Zeff

THE A WORD – Series 1+2 – BBC One
6 part drama series telling the story of the Hughes family, who work and love and fight like every other family and have to deal with autism. Directed by Sue Tully and co-produced by Fifty Fathoms Productions & Keshet UK

13-part drama anthology of spooky tales for children due to be screened in Autumn 2017, directed by Steve Hughes and co-produced by CBBC and dhxMedia

MOUNT PLEASANT - Series 4, 5, 6 & Special (final edition): SKY 1: Comedy drama series about Lisa and Dan Johnson whose lives are about to be turned upside down by the arrival of their first baby, directed by Ian Barnes and Dermot Boyd & made by Tiger Aspect Productions

FUNNY COW – Film – Gizmo Films
Comedy, charting the rise to stardom of a stand-up comedienne in an all-male world during the 1970’s and 1980’s

SNATCH - Film - Sony/Crackle
A group of up-and-coming hustlers stumble upon a truck-load of stolen gold bullion, produced by Little Island Productions

BROKEN – Series – BBC 1
6-part drama starring Sean Bean as a catholic priest presiding over a Northern UK urban parish, produced by LA Productions

8 OUT OF 10 CATS - Comedy – Channel4
2 x Mobility Scooters supplied for an episode of the popular comedy series

THE BREAK II - Short Films – BBC 3
5 original drama short films made by BCC Drama Productions at BBC Birmingham

A filmed drama about an imagining of Prince Charles’ accession to the throne following the Queen’s death, made by Drama Republic productions

LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX - Series 1-4: BBC1: Romantic comedy series, written by Sally Wainwright and produced by Red Production Company

SAFE HOUSE – Series – ITV1
Drama series about an ex-police officer who runs a police safe house on Anglesey. Produced by Eleventh Hour Films

4 O'CLOCK CLUB - Series 5+6 - CBBC
Josh, Nero and the pupils of Elmsmere school as they rap their way through detention, directed by Tim Hopewell & produced in-house by CBBC

CITIZEN KHAN - Series 1-5: BBC1: A warm family comedy series set in the capital of British Pakistan – Sparkhill, Birmingham, directed by Nick Wood and made in house by BBC Comedy North

COLD FEET – Series 6 – ITV1
Comedy drama following the lives and loves of a group of individuals brought together by life, love and circumstance. Produced by BigTalk Productions

TINA & BOBBY - Drama Series - ITV1:
The story of Bobby Moore the England and West Ham legend’s life with his childhood sweetheart, Tina Dean, from their humble beginnings to the dizzy heights of superstardom. Directed by John McKay & made in-house by ITV Studios

PARANOID - Thriller Series - ITV1:
8-part thriller series about female GP who is murdered in a rural children’s playground with an abundance of eyewitnesses but of course it is not that simple. Diretced by John Duthie & made by Red Production Company

DARK RIVER - Feature Film
Written & directed by Clio Barnard and produced by Tracy O'Riordon of Moonspun Films for Dark River Film Ltd, Left Bank Pictures & Film4 & backed by the BFI Film Fund, Screen Yorkshire and the Wellcome Trust

DCI BANKS - Pilot + Series 1-5: ITV1: Crime drama based on books by Peter Robinson, produced by Left Bank Pictures

BOY MEETS GIRL - Series 1+2: BBC2: Sitcom about a Manchester based Transgender couple, directed by Paul Walker & made by TigerAspect Productions

HAPPY VALLEY - Series 1+2: BBC1: 6x60 minute drama series, which is a dark, funny, multi-layered thriller revolving around the personal and professional life of Catherine, a dedicated, experienced, hard-working copper. Written by Sally Wainwright & produced by Red Production Company

SCOTT & BAILEY - Series 4+5 - ITV1
Cop drama about the lives & careers of 2 female detectives in a Northern town, produced by Red Production Company

ONE OF US - Series – BBC1
Modern thriller set in the Highlands of Scotland and Edinburgh. Made by BBC Productions & Two Brothers Productions

THE FIVE - Series - SKY1
Roller-coaster thriller that follows a group of friends who are united by a terrible incident. Made by RED Production Company

BILLIONAIRE BOY - Christmas Special – BBC1
Childrens story of Len, who makes a billion from inventing a new toilet roll & his 12-year-old son Joe who has everything but a friend. Made by King Bert productions

8-part comedy series adaption of Danny Baker's autobiography set in 1974. Made by ITV Productions for the BBC, directed by Kate Crowther

BLACK WORK - Drama: ITV1: 3-part thriller about the consequences of an undercover policemans death. Directed by Michael Samuels, produced by Mammoth Screen & backed by Screen Yorkshire

THE TRIALS OF JIMMY ROSE - Drama: ITV1: 3-part drama, a warm, funny & compelling drama about a family man with a criminal past who has to prove it’s never too late to start over. Directed by Adrain Shergold. An ITV Studios & GroupM co-production

THE DUMPING GROUND - Series: CBBC: Childrens drama series about a group of friends facing fresh challenges every day & working out how to deal with them. Produced in-house by BBC Studios

VERA - Series 1-3 + 5: ITV1: Crime drama starring Brenda Blethyn produced by ITV Studios and directed by Ed Bazalgette

CUCUMBER - Series: Channel 4: 8 x 60 minute drama series exploring 21st Century gay life in Britain. Executive Producer Russell T. Davies, directed by Euros Lyn & produced by Red Production Company

BANANA - Series: E4: 8 x 30 minute drama series created by Russel T Davies, directed by Al Mackay & produced by Red Productions Company

OUR GIRL - Series; BBC1: Military drama series will see Molly on her first deployment as a serving army medic against the backdrop of the British Army’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, made in-house by BBC Drama Productions

WOLF BLOOD - Series 1, 2 + 3: CBBC: Drama series about a young Maddy Smith, who comes from a long line of werewolf-like creatures, called Wolfsblütern, directed by Andrew Gunn, a BBC & ZDF co-production

MARVELLOUS - Film: BBC2: 90 minute film tells the beautiful, funny, true story of Neil Baldwin, a man who confounds our expectations amongst other things he has been a circus clown; a lay preacher & kit man at Stoke City. Directed by Julian Farino & made by Fifty Fathoms & Tiger Aspect Productions

URBAN & THE SHED CREW - Feature Film
Eleven-year-old Urban Grimshaw is Britains’ most runaway child, he’s even been the subject of a hard news programme – gritty dramatisation of the Bernard Hare best selling novel. Made by Blenheim Films Ltd & directed by Candida Brady

IN THE FLESH - Series 2: BBC3: 6 episode entertaining and humorous zombie drama series, directed by Alice Troughton and made in-house by BBC Drama North

THE LOST HONOUR - Two-part drama: ITV1: Based on the true story of a retired schoolmaster who was arrested when his tenant was found murdered on Christmas Day in 2010. Director Roger Mitchell, made by Carnival Productions Ltd

STILL OPEN ALL HOURS - Christmas Special: BBC1: Return of comedy classic for one 30 minute episode produced in-house by BBC

HEBBURN - Series 1 + 2: BBC2: Six part warm, true to life comedy based on stand-up comedian Jason Cook own experiences of growing up in the North East, directed by Christine Gernon and produced by Channel X North & Baby Cow Manchester

THE DUMPING GROUND - Series 2: CBBC: A fast-paced childrens tv mix of social drama and comedy, set in a care home, produced in-house by BBC productions

ALL AT SEA - Series: CBBC: A comedy drama series centres around 10-year-old Charlie, produced in-house by CBBC Productions

BYPASS - Feature Film: A modern morality tale of society's feared and forsaken, directed by Samm Haillay & produced by Third Films

BY ALL MEANS - Series: BBC1: Crime drama follows a clandestine police department going after the criminal elite, produced by Red Planet Pictures

FIRST4LAWYERS - TV Advert: Directed by Alex Telfer & produced by Mallinson Television Productions

GIVE OUT GIRLS -Comedy Series: SKY Living HD: Sitcom is about a gang of four girls (and a couple of guys) who work in the world of 'promotions'. Directed by Chloe Thomas and produced by Bigtalk Productions

THE GUILTY - Drama Series: ITV1: Set across two timelines, 2008 & present day tells the story of DC Maggie Brand's investigation into the disappearance of little Callum Reid. Produced by Hartswood Films & directed by Edward Bazalgette

RAISED BY WOLVES - Pilot: Channel 4: Comedy, semi-autobiographical account of the childhood of Wolverhampton-born writer Caitlin Moran, Big Talk Productions directed by Ian Fitzgibbon

CHANNEL 4 RACING: Trailer for Grand National Directed by Keith McCarthy made in-house by Channel4

SLINGS AND ARROWS - Series: BBC1: A sit-com wriiten by Ben Elton about a Health & Safety officer's private life directed by Dewi Humphreys & produced by Phil Mcintypre Television

UNDERCOVER - Pilot: UKTV Dave: A sit-com about Chris, an undercover cop who has infiltrated an Armenian crime family, directed by Tom Marshall, co-production by Bonafide Films Ltd & Baby Cow Productions

IN THE FLESH - Series: BBC3: Shortly after his funeral, thousands of the dead were re-animated in one freak night and now teenager Kieren Walker is back, directed by Jonny Campbell & produced by BBC Drama Production North

LAPLAND - Series: BBC1: Festive comedy drama about a family trip to see Santa in Lapland, directed by Susan Tully & produced in-house by BBC Comedy

UTOPIA - Series: Channel 4: Conspiracy theory turned terrifyingly real for small group of people who find the a manuscript of cult graphic novel Utopia, directed by Alex Garcia & Wayne Yip and produced by Kudos film & television.

THE MIMIC - Pilot + Series 1: Channel 4: Sitcom about a seemingly unremarkable maintenance man who is an extraordinary mimic directed by Kieron Hawkes & produced by Running Bare Pictures Ltd

HEADING OUT - Series: BBC2: Sitcom about a particularly skillful veterinarian who, at the age of 40, has still not told her parents she's gay directed by Natalie Bailey & Co-produced by Red Production Co & Square Peg TV

FRESH MEAT - Series 1 + 2: Channel 4: Comedy drama follows a group of six students, directed by Annie Griffin & produced by Objective Productions

YOUNG DRACULA - Series 3 + 4: CBBC: The misadventures of Vlad and Ingrid, who have moved to Britain from Transylvania with their father Count Dracula made by CBBC

CRIMEWATCH - Factual: BBC1: Real life crime, featuring reconstructions of high-profile & hard to solve UK crimes, made in-house by BBC Productions

TOP GEAR - Factual: BBC HD: Acclaimed motoring series, made in house by the BBC

LEAVING - Drama: ITV1: A gripping character-driven story about the complexities of love, family and growing up, directed by Gaby Dellal, produced by Red Productions

IN WITH THE FLYNNS - Series 2: BBC1: Sitcom set in Manchester and created & produced by US company Caryn Mandabach Productions, directed by Ben Kellett

BEDLAM - Series 1 + 2: SKY Living HD: Contemporary paranormal drama series produced by Peter Gallagher & Red Productions Company

ACCUSED - Series 1 + 2: BBC1: Second series of the gritty courtroom drama, written by Jimmy McGovern and produced by RSJ Films

A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF ALAN PARTRIDGE - Series 2: ITV1: A fictional character portrayed by english comedian Steve Coogan produced by Baby Cow Productions directed & produced by Dave Lambert

SAVAGE - Series: BBC1: Police drama series set in and around Merseyside directed by Susan Tully and made by BBC Drama Productions

LINE OF DUTY - Series: BBC2: 5-part drama seies features an officer investigating alleged corruption within a police serious crime unit produced by World Productions

HIT + MISS - Series: SKY Atlantic: Drama series follwoing a contract killer with a secret - she's a pre-op transsexual. Made in UK by Abbott Vision & Red Productions for transmission in the USA

HUSTLE - Series 7 + 8: BBC1: Series follows a group of con artists who specialise in 'long cons' produced by Kudos Film & TV in asociation with Red Planet Pictures

LITTLE CRACKERS - Series 2: SKY1: 11 short films specially made for the 2011 Christmas Festive Season

WHITE VAN MAN - Pilot + Series 1 + 2: BBC3: Comedy series produced by ITV Studios & directed by Iain B MacDonald

BODY FARM - Series: BBC1: 6-part new modern forensic crime series staring Tara Fitzgerald in the lead role. Tara plays Eve Lockhart, from Waking The Dead, produced by Projector Productions for the BBC

THE OTHER CHILD - Series: TV Drama for German TV: directed by Urs Egger, produced by Teamworx Television and Film

APPROPRIATE ADULT - Factual Drama: ITV1: 2 x 90 minute episodes which focuses on the untold story of how Fred and Rosemary West were brought to justice, produced by Lisa Gilchrist in house at ITV Studios

SEMI DETACHED Non-transmitable Pilot: Starring Bradley Walsh, directed by Ian Bevitt & Philip Mealey, produced by Jellylegs Productions Ltd

SUGARTOWN - Series: BBC One: 3-part comedy-drama series about Burr’s rock factory owner Jason Burr, who’s fighting to keep his business afloat, produced by Shed Media Scotland

COUNTRYFILE - Documentary: BBC1: Police vehicles for Foot & Mouth Disease dramatisation shown 13-2-2011

EXILE - Series: BBC1: 3-part drama series about a father and son dealing with Alzheimers while trying to uncover the events of the past, co-produced by Red Production Company & Abbott Vision and directed by John Alexander

STOLEN - Drama: BBC1: Fast-paced thriller about human trafficking in Britain today produced by Open Door Films Ltd

32, BRINKBURN STREET - Series: BBC1: Daytime drama series of 5 x 45 minute episodes following the lives of two generations of the same family, one in 1931 & one in 2011, made in-house by BBCTV Productions & executive producers Jessica Pope and Gerard Melling

ROOM AT THE TOP - Drama: BBC4: 2-hour adaptation of classic novel directed by Aisling Walsh, produced by Great Meadow Productions Ltd

SILK - Series: BBC1: Legal drama series directed by Catherine Morshead

THE BRIGHT SIDE - Pilot: BBC3: Sitcom pilot created by Robert Evans and produced by BBC North

TRACY BEAKER RETURNS - Series: CBBC: Life & times of Tracy now a Care Worker in the Childrens home she grew up in

BUNCE - Comedy: Featuring Stephen Fry, produced by Sprout Pictures and directed by Phillip Cattaneo

CANDY CABS - Series: BBC1: Comedy drama about the lives Britain's most glamorous, all female driver taxi fleet produced by Splash Media

PSYCHOVILLE - Series 1 + 2: BBC2: Dark character comedy mystery

FLORIZEL STREET - Drama: BBC4: About the birth of UK's longest running TV series 'Coronation Street' produced by ITV Studios

TYRANNOSAUR - Feature Film: Modern love story with a very dark edginess a joint Warp X and Inflammable Films Production

MANCHESTER CITY - Feature Film: Following a year in the life of a Premier League football club produced by Endemol

SCHOOL OF COMEDY - Series 2: E4: Feel good, risque & a touch surreal sketch shows produced by Left Bank Pictures (Television)

WHITECHAPEL - Series 2: ITV1: Dark crime drama sequel produced by Carnival Films

REUNITED - Pilot Drama: BBC: Rollem Productions, directed by Simon Delaney

MOVING ON - Series: BBC1: Contemporary drama produced by LA Productions

WEST IS WEST - Feature Film: Sequel to East Is East, about the dysfunctional Khan family, directed by Andy De Emmony and made by BBC FilmsBBC Films

ROYLE FAMILY - Christmas Special 2009: BBC1: Sitcom produced by Jellylegs Productions

D.O.A. - Comedy: Television comedy produced by Channel K Ltd

POOLES PIES - TV Advert: Produced by Equinox-TV

FIVE DAYS - Series 2: BBC1: Gripping drama serial, directed by Peter Hoar, which returns to BBC One in 2010

SURVIVORS - Series 2: BBC1: Drama about a group of individuals try to grapple with life after a plague has wiped out 99% of the worlds population

INGENIOUS - Drama: CBBC: One off drama telling the story of an 11-year-old & her grandmother who find a bottle containing a genie they have read about in The Arabian Nights, produced by Lime Pictures

BOUNTY HUNTER - Feature Film: A thriller about a man who returns run-away Asian women to their families, produced by Endboard Productions

PARADOX - Series: BBC1: A new high-concept series about a crime aboard the British space laboratory, produced by Clerkenwell Films

SCALLYWAGGA - Series: BBC3: Street-wise, lightning-paced and gleefully immature comedy sketch show

PATAK'S - TV Advert: For British Curry Sauces maker, priduced by Rogue Films

THE STREET - Series: BBC1: Six brand new uncompromising stories written by Jimmy McGovern, made by ITV Productions for BBC

ALL THE SMALL THINGS - Series: BBC1: Singing drama series about the local choir in a Northern town

BRITANNIA HIGH - Series: ITV: Edgy series that follows the lives of seven kids as they go through stage school

UNFORGIVEN - Series: ITV: By Sally Wainwright follows groups of people each of whom has the power to affect the lives of the others forever, produced by Red Production Company

MASSIVE - Series: BBC3: Comedy series about the launch of Manchester's hottest new record label Shady Records

A PLACE OF EXECUTION - Series: ITV1: Drama, based on the Val McDermid novel is a taut psychological thriller about the disappearance of a 13 year old girl, produced by Coastal Productions Ltd

THE CUP - Series: BBC2: 6 x 30 comedies about the selfish & obsessive behaviour of the parents of an under-11 football team, produced by Hartswood Films Ltd

BOY MEETS GIRL - Series: ITV: 4 x 60 contemporary comedy dramas described as a tangled love story, produced by Thomas Films

ACT OF GRACE - Feature Film: A family's code of honour is under threat & an ancient way of life is knocked off its axis by one small boy, produced by Embrace Productions, directed by Noreen Kershaw

TREXX AND FLIPSIDE - Multi-Platform: BBC3: Sitcom following two wannabe rappers stuck to a music label more used to promoting crooners, produced by Hanrahan Media

BONEKICKERS - Series: BBC: Archaeological thriller expected Spring 2008 transmission, produced by Monastic Productions

E-ON ELECTRICITY - TV Advert: For electricity supplier, produced by Thomas Thomas Films

DAZ - TV Advert: For Proctor & Gamble washing powder, produced by Production International

CLAY - Drama: BBC: Single children's drama set in Tyneside in 1965, produced by Childsplay Productions

FAINT HEART - Feature Film: The first user generated feature made in conjunction with MYSPACE and FILM4, produced by Vertigo Films

DOG BORSTAL - Series 3: BBC3: The last-resort boot camp for canine criminals and their hapless owners

ECHO BEACH - Series 1: ITV: Exciting new soap and drama concept

MOVING WALLPAPER - Series 1 + 2: ITV: This is a drama about the production of Echo Beach

THE THINGS I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU - Drama: BBC3: A dark thriller set in a sixth form of a school where every student has a dark secret and a twisted life, produced by Tiger Aspect

MRS INBETWEENY - Drama: BBC3: A long lost uncle from the USA arrives to look after estranged children but he's now their pre-op transsexual aunt Emma, produced by Tightrope Productions

LIFE ON MARS - Series 1 + 2: BBC1: Two cops in the same town at the same time ... 33 years apart

COMIC RELIEF - Telethon: BBC1: The well known charity event

DOCTORS - Series: BBC1: Daytime TV medical dramas

INSPECTOR LYNLEY MYSTERIES - Series: BBC1: Quirky cop show

SORTED - Comedy Drama: BBC: A light-hearted comedy/drama

CAPE WRATH - Series: Channel 4: New drama/mystery series for 2007

TRUE DARE KISS - Drama: BBC: Family secrets drama, new in 2007

M.I.HIGH - Series 1 + 2: CBBC: Kids action spy series

KOMBAT OPERA - BBC: Serious melodic satire from the creators of Jerry Springer: The Opera

ALMOST ADULT - Channel 4: Two teenage girls move to the U. K. and help one another deal with the horrors of their past

AFTERNOON PLAYS - Series: BBC: Series of individual Dramas each with a different story and cast

THIN ICE - Series: BBC: Fictional comedy series about amateur figure skating in Derby